2015 was a bang-up Fourth

I submitted the first 14 images from my new body of work-in-progress, Fantômes Fracturés (Fractured Phantoms), to the French photography journal L’Oeil de la Photographie (The Eye of Photography) this past Monday, June 29.

6-9544They published the whole thing five days later in their Saturday, July 4 issue! Well, that was bang-up!

So with this project, I continue to explore how we experience the passage of time. Most of us, myself included, think of time as linear; minutes become hours, days to weeks, and months to years that will become centuries. But in Fractured Phantoms, time conflates into a series of image moments. These are like 100 year-old spiral staircases that collapse into single, sensory impressions, layered moments from past experiences, ones that have healed into permanent memories of home, family, loved ones, some perhaps not-so-loved ones. Each one is a construct made from things-past, seen today. Perhaps they are reflections in curved mirrors. They are intentionally not real so they can become hyper-real. They are simulacra. They enfold our secrets and in this way, expose them.