Co-Create and Co-Ownership Agreement

Model(s) Release and Co-ownership agreement between
Eric L Hansen, Photographer
And _______________________________________________________________________, Model(s).
This document describes the terms and conditions of the co-ownership agreement between Eric L Hansen, referred to hereafter as the Photographer, and ___________________________________________________________________________, referred to hereafter as the Model(s).

The Photographer represents that he and the Model(s) intend to co-create some lens-based images in a photography shoot. Because these images are co-created by the Photographer and the Model(s), the Photographer and the Model(s) agree to co-own the lens –based materials from the shoot. No money or other property consideration will change hands as a result of the shoot. The Photographer will provide the Model(s) with a link to a Dropbox file where the Model(s) may download any or all of the images.Gregory_9123-5_10AllMrgdCrop

In the spirit of co-creation and co-ownership, either the Photographer or the Model(s) may use any of these images for their own individual and separate purposes, commercial or otherwise, including but not limited to: Exhibition in fine art galleries and/or online venues, illustrations for advertising, personal promotion, or for our own or others’ home or office décor.

Any revenue earned by either the Photographer or the Model(s) from any of these purposes will remain their separate and exclusive property. Neither the Photographer nor the Model(s) will have any claim on revenues earned by the other from the sale or commercial use of these images in any form in any venue.

Stellasue_9523crop-1Co-ownership does not extend to subsequently processed images where either the Photographer or the Model(s) have individually and separately enhanced the images in any way. It only applies to the un-retouched originals as shot. Any images retouched or enhanced by the Photographer or the Model(s) shall become their exclusive individual property.

We indicate our acceptance of these co-creation and co-ownership terms by signatures below.
____________________________________________________________________, Photographer (date)
____________________________________________________________________, Model(s) (date)