How to make a living making the art you love. How to hack the system.

T1536x1024-23532ProcessedOK, there’s no shortcut for learning how to make art, play an instrument, choreograph dance… IMHO mastering just about anything takes around 10,000 hours. That’s five years working full time, longer part time. There’s no known shortcut for this. Learning to make art is a journey of love, and it deserves all the time and all the heart you have to give.

But there is a shortcut to financial viability.

How many artists master their craft and still have day jobs? Maybe in 10, 15, 20 years the average artist reaches a place where they can subsist on making the art they love if they don’t get discouraged or disillusioned, if they don’t give up before they get there. Even then, it’s often just subsistence.

If you already have your 10,000 hours or more in art practice, Shortcut intends to get you to financial viability in the next 10, 15, maybe 20 months instead of years. Do the right things, you get where you want to go. That’s why it’s called Shortcut.

Or, if you’re an early stage emerging artist, don’t wait. Start now to make your day job optional. Before you even reach 10,000 hours, you can expect to start making your living making the art you love.

I make Shortcut, in all its forms, straightforward and experiential and practical. I give short talks to groups, like Artcamp 2014. I do four-hour intensives for small groups, up to twelve. And I do one-to-one coaching. They all work.

Why? I’m an artist who decided not to starve. My day job on the way up was tenured PhD professor of Entrepreneurship at Cal State, where I founded the Minor in Entrepreneurship for students from the College of the Arts. Now I don’t need my day job any more. I live happily ever after in East Nashville… where, you guessed it, I make my full time living  making the art I love. And I never looked back.