“Rescheduled” R. I. P.

Thank you for your entries to “Rescheduled: Show your work in this amazing East Nashville space.”

From my last post, you know we had a likely date for the show of Saturday, February 21, with a likely deadline for submissions of Friday January 23. “Right now, the likely date is Saturday, February 21… The likely deadline for submissions will be Friday, January 23.”__shutdownImage

Since that post, the Home Owners Association (HOA) at our 5th and Main venue adopted an austerity budget for 2015 with no increase in the monthly Association fees for homeowners; good news for homeowners. The bad news: Over my objections, this event was not included in the 2015 budget. So likely as it was, today it’s off the table.

Meantime, many of you know I just wrapped my own solo exhibition, Blood Rescue, at the Customs House Museum in Clarksville, Tennessee. This show marked the completion of a project I began four years ago. I used Kickstarter to raise funding to produce the show, and there were various other things that went together to make for a successful exhibition. The show was 80% sold before it opened. Right now, I am in middle of a major order fulfillment and shipping process.

I learned a lot from this experience. And I have some ideas about how we could produce something like it, only with a group show. I need a little time to recover from the Blood Rescue experience and get back to making art again. But then, I’m determined to put together something that will be better than what got cut from the HOA budget. For example, I think our show should be 80% sold before it opens; and so on.

So if you like, stay tuned. I’ll email you when it looks like something’s going to break. And then, let’s see what we can do!