9 Pieces Left

__1-Pocahontas1_600wideThe Kickstarter campaign I have going on right now is a unique opportunity to acquire some Blood Rescue equine art pieces. Any piece that will be in the museum show is available as a reward for support levels starting at $100 and up to $400 for the very large pieces; 40” X 60”. They are coming straight out of the show, so they are ready to hang. For anyone who wants to collect some of my work, these are good deals.

The only catch is that you have to pledge within the next 16 days; and I ship the piece to you when the show closes in January. Some have already been spoken for, so it would be good to take a look now. Thirteen of the original 22 are gone; there are 9 still available.

__15-New7thHorseMuchSmallerThere’s also a pledge that will let you select any piece you want in any size that you want for delivery at the end of next month. They cost a little more: From $550 for the 24×36 to $1175 for the 40×60. Even those prices are below market, but they illustrate what a really good deal is to be had pledging for pieces that will be in the show.

I make everything in very small editions, which adds to their value. For example, the 40” X 60” pieces are editioned at three; meaning, there 6-LatteEmperorwill only ever be three in the world. This adds to their potential after-sale value. I provide a letter of provenance with each piece setting forth its pedigree: What materials I used to make it, its particular number in the series, and a small thumbnail of the image. Of course I sign each letter, and I also emboss them with my seal so they are virtually impossible to counterfeit. These letters establish the authenticity of the piece you own. My work is collectible.

If you like, go here to see what’s available. If you have any questions, email me at Eric@EricLHansen.com. Or, I’d be glad to speak with you by phone.