Great Question!

Can Blood Rescue help save horses and get the SAFE Act passed?

The short answer is yes go here to support with your $5. Or, read on…

Simple fact: There are almost 450 horse rescue ranches with a total occupancy of 18,000 horses, and we still turn away 12,000 more annually; there are 205 Congressional sponsors of the Safe Guard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act; and there are 314 million Americans. Almost none of them have ever heard of SAFE.

Here’s the point: There aren’t enough of just us to fix this. We must reach outside our world to all those people who’ve never seen the inside of a paddock.

Blood Rescue is a socio-political body of work aimed straight at the rest of those 314 million people who’ve never heard of SAFE. It’s a powerful visual message: Slaughtering horses is wrong. Putting contaminated meat products in our food chain is wrong. Let’s be SAFE! Through social media, more than half a million people have already seen this message. And the exhibition hasn’t even opened yet.

__Blood-Rescue-Banner-Role-300WideThere’s more: As part of this Kickstarter project, I will present copies of the Blood Rescue Banner Roll to five Congressional representatives. One copy each will go to Senator Mary Landrieu and Representative Patrick Meehan who sponsored the bill in Congress. Three more copies will go, one each to the chairs of the House Committees where the bill is now. I have already contacted them by mail at their home district offices with copies to their local press to let them know what we are planning to do. With enough funding, I will travel to their districts and present the banners to them in person, with press coverage. This will all happen at the end of October, just before Election Day November 4. With more funding, I’ll bring a video guy to record everything, and trust me; it’ll be on YouTube.

How many of those 314 million Americans can we reach with these events? I can’t count that high. All you need to pledge is $5… Go here!