How To Change Hearts And Minds

I think Jung was right when he talked about the collective unconscious, that shared place where at some level, we all of us know that horses connect to our human soul. This was my conversion experience… click


So Blood Rescue began as a series of 21st century cave drawings. I just wanted to show our relationship to the horse and how it has changed over 35,000 years. And then, newscasters broke the European Union horsemeat scandal, and I was born again, now an equine rescue advocate. Today I stand with Blood Rescue to support the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act. I believe a powerful visual message can change hearts and minds, in the same way I was changed, transformed, re-made.

In the United States there are 450 horse rescue ranches with a total capacity of 18,000 horses, and they turn away another 12,000 horses annually; there are 205 Congressional sponsors of the Safe Guard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act; and there are 314 million Americans. How many have been to a horse rescue ranch, or even heard of the SAFE Act? How can we engage their hearts and minds?

How about we help them have an experience like mine? How about we begin with just a million or so? Here’s how