Pass The SAFE Act

Right in the middle of making Blood Rescue, January of 2013, newscasters broke the European horsemeat scandal. And literally in a moment, my world changed! Now I  advocate for the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act.__20-Remake3rdHorse600Wide

Looking back, I was naïve beyond belief. I didn’t know about kill buyers in this country, and how they operate. I was photographing 22 rescues on a ranch in Middle Tennessee, my Blood Rescue models. And you know, the major occupational hazard for artists? We fall in love with our models. I had fallen in love with 22 horses. Oh no, not my babies shipped off to Mexico or Canada. Oh no!

I refocused Blood Rescue. What was always there stands today as a visual story with a strong social message. My purpose here is to raise public awareness about our relationship with these amazing animals, tap into that shared knowing that these animals are part of our lives, a part that goes back to the beginnings of human time here on earth. They have become our companions and friends. We don’t eat them any more. Instead, we rescue them. Let’s get this SAFE Act passed. Let’s get this done.