Electra and Lacey On Someone’s Plate?

Without rescue, Electra and Lacy would have ended up on someone’s plate, perhaps dining at the restaurant Pegase, depuis 1905?_600Wide_11-ElectraAndLacey

Horsemeat’s on their menu! Their supplier, Ma Bonne Viande, sells horsemeat products imported from Canada and Mexico. These products contain any number of banned substances that are dangerous to anyone’s health. There is virtually no control over horsemeat imported into the EU. The SAFE (Safeguard America’s Food Exports) Act will stop this.

And do we really believe that tainted horsemeat hasn’t slipped its way into our own US food chain, the way it did in the EU? This is a public health issue that everyone can support. Let’s get the SAFE Act passed! Let’s get this done!