BB’s Working On It

Shayera runs for her life, as the menu top left from Fondue Chinoise ShayeraWithLabel_crop570widefeatures your choice of beef or horsemeat; in German, French or Spanish.

Eating horsemeat in continental Europe dates back 30,000 years. The Lascaux caves are, after all, located in France, one of our earliest prehistoric sites. There, we survived for centuries hunting horses as wild animals for food, clothing and shelter.

But this is a new age. In 1986, French film star Brigitte Bardot became a vegetarian and raised three million francs auctioning off jewelry and many personal belongings to establish the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals. Today she is a strong animal rights activist leader and a major opponent of eating horsemeat. And she’s not alone. Check it out here.

Shayera, we’ve got your back. All over the world, we’re working on it. La Bardot y travaille!21-Shayera_600Wide