One Predator Remains

30,000 years ago, we humans, the big cats, and the wolves preyed on wild horses for food.


But they survived, because they could run away really really fast. And so it was, for maybe 25,000 years.

Then about 4000 years ago on the Steppes of Asia, something happened straight out of a science fiction novel: One of us rode a horse for the first time, rode on the back of an animal that could outrun all its predators, could run so fast it outran all our predatorsā€¦ and the world changed forever. What could that have been like? No one of us had ever moved so fast, ever. In that moment, the horse became something elseā€¦ a partner, a companion, a friend.

Today, most of their predators are pretty much gone; the very big cats, the wolves. And horses can still run really fast. But one of their predators remains, in large numbers: Not all of us, but enough to be scary if you’re a horse… we’re still here. Let’s get the SAFE Act passed.