She was laughing at me

Dixie has a lot to be happy about. She’s a senior mare with a forever home on a ranch in Middle Tennessee, where the living is easy… 30 acres or so of mixed pasture and woods, a natural stream across one corner, bales of hay near the barn, water troughs for the dry seasons, her buddy Lacy to hang with.


So is she laughing at me or is she flehming? Now, I know I looked kind of silly out there in her pasture with my great big camera. I mean, I wasn’t even eating grass. I leaned forward, put the camera on my face, peered through the lens at her, and she gave me this Kodak moment, you know, all smiley? And Lacey is like ‘Oh no, I can’t bear to watch.’

Animal behaviorists say she was flehming. I say she was laughing… at me. They say I’m anthropomorphizing her. I say they don’t know anything. They are sure they’re right. But I so know who she is, and on this bright warm day in June, she was laughing at me. That’s how it was!