Co-Create and Co-Ownership Agreement

Model(s) Release and Co-ownership agreement between
Eric L Hansen, Photographer
And _______________________________________________________________________, Model(s).
This document describes the terms and conditions of the co-ownership agreement between Eric L Hansen, referred to hereafter as the Photographer, and ___________________________________________________________________________, referred to hereafter as the Model(s).

The Photographer represents that he and the Model(s) intend to co-create some lens-based images in a photography shoot. Because these images are co-created by the Photographer and the Model(s), the Photographer and the Model(s) agree to co-own the lens –based materials from the shoot. No money or other property consideration will change hands as a result of the shoot. The Photographer will provide the Model(s) with a link to a Dropbox file where the Model(s) may download any or all of the images.Gregory_9123-5_10AllMrgdCrop

In the spirit of co-creation and co-ownership, either the Photographer or the Model(s) may use any of these images for their own individual and separate purposes, commercial or otherwise, including but not limited to: Exhibition in fine art galleries and/or online venues, illustrations for advertising, personal promotion, or for our own or others’ home or office décor.

Any revenue earned by either the Photographer or the Model(s) from any of these purposes will remain their separate and exclusive property. Neither the Photographer nor the Model(s) will have any claim on revenues earned by the other from the sale or commercial use of these images in any form in any venue.

Stellasue_9523crop-1Co-ownership does not extend to subsequently processed images where either the Photographer or the Model(s) have individually and separately enhanced the images in any way. It only applies to the un-retouched originals as shot. Any images retouched or enhanced by the Photographer or the Model(s) shall become their exclusive individual property.

We indicate our acceptance of these co-creation and co-ownership terms by signatures below.
____________________________________________________________________, Photographer (date)
____________________________________________________________________, Model(s) (date)


How to make a living making the art you love. How to hack the system.

T1536x1024-23532ProcessedOK, there’s no shortcut for learning how to make art, play an instrument, choreograph dance… IMHO mastering just about anything takes around 10,000 hours. That’s five years working full time, longer part time. There’s no known shortcut for this. Learning to make art is a journey of love, and it deserves all the time and all the heart you have to give.

But there is a shortcut to financial viability.

How many artists master their craft and still have day jobs? Maybe in 10, 15, 20 years the average artist reaches a place where they can subsist on making the art they love if they don’t get discouraged or disillusioned, if they don’t give up before they get there. Even then, it’s often just subsistence.

If you already have your 10,000 hours or more in art practice, Shortcut intends to get you to financial viability in the next 10, 15, maybe 20 months instead of years. Do the right things, you get where you want to go. That’s why it’s called Shortcut.

Or, if you’re an early stage emerging artist, don’t wait. Start now to make your day job optional. Before you even reach 10,000 hours, you can expect to start making your living making the art you love.

I make Shortcut, in all its forms, straightforward and experiential and practical. I give short talks to groups, like Artcamp 2014. I do four-hour intensives for small groups, up to twelve. And I do one-to-one coaching. They all work.

Why? I’m an artist who decided not to starve. My day job on the way up was tenured PhD professor of Entrepreneurship at Cal State, where I founded the Minor in Entrepreneurship for students from the College of the Arts. Now I don’t need my day job any more. I live happily ever after in East Nashville… where, you guessed it, I make my full time living  making the art I love. And I never looked back.

“Rescheduled” R. I. P.

Thank you for your entries to “Rescheduled: Show your work in this amazing East Nashville space.”

From my last post, you know we had a likely date for the show of Saturday, February 21, with a likely deadline for submissions of Friday January 23. “Right now, the likely date is Saturday, February 21… The likely deadline for submissions will be Friday, January 23.”__shutdownImage

Since that post, the Home Owners Association (HOA) at our 5th and Main venue adopted an austerity budget for 2015 with no increase in the monthly Association fees for homeowners; good news for homeowners. The bad news: Over my objections, this event was not included in the 2015 budget. So likely as it was, today it’s off the table.

Meantime, many of you know I just wrapped my own solo exhibition, Blood Rescue, at the Customs House Museum in Clarksville, Tennessee. This show marked the completion of a project I began four years ago. I used Kickstarter to raise funding to produce the show, and there were various other things that went together to make for a successful exhibition. The show was 80% sold before it opened. Right now, I am in middle of a major order fulfillment and shipping process.

I learned a lot from this experience. And I have some ideas about how we could produce something like it, only with a group show. I need a little time to recover from the Blood Rescue experience and get back to making art again. But then, I’m determined to put together something that will be better than what got cut from the HOA budget. For example, I think our show should be 80% sold before it opens; and so on.

So if you like, stay tuned. I’ll email you when it looks like something’s going to break. And then, let’s see what we can do!

Blood Rescue Closing Reception

Blood Rescue Closing Reception, Sunday afternoon January 4, from 2-4 PM, at the Customs House Museum, 200 South Second St., Clarksville, TN.EricInGalleryComposite900Wide

Join this event here on Facebook for free admission to the Museum!

This work was sponsored directly by 99 wonderful Kickstarter Blood Rescue campaign supporters whose names are inscribed on the Blood Rescue Banner Roll. Without your support this exhibition would not have been possible. Thanks to you, the show was 80% sold before it opened! Legends Bank provided additional sponsorship. In case you missed the video story, you can see it here

So in a good way, I am experiencing a kind of Blood Rescue winter solstice; the fourth season drawing to a close in this, the deep of winter.15-New7thHorse

Blood Rescue began as an impulse a little over four years ago. During that time, my relationship to horses changed forever. Now every time I even see a horse, something in my heart resonates, an involuntary empathic response. I know you. We’ve shared life together since the beginning of our time here 35,000 years ago. We built a country together, this USA we call home. So we celebrate you, with National Day of the Horse, with Blood Rescue, all the rescue ranches. We love and honor you, this is your day!

Rescheduled Show your work!

In this amazing East Nashville spacePartySpace

Holiday stuff going on has created enough scheduling conflicts that we have to reschedule. December 13th just won’t work for a lot of key people. The final deal breaker? I have to be in Clarksville all day on December 13th for a National Day of the Horse celebration. Yeeesh!

Now here’s the good news:LobbyCreative

This is an amazing opportunity to introduce your art to a new audience of collectors, so we’re going to reschedule. Right now, the likely date is Saturday, February 21. And the event will be bigger and better. You have more time to get your work together to submit.

Fifth and Main on the top floor, it’s in East Nashville.
501 Main Street, Nashville, TN 37206
Because this is a relatively new building owned largely by creative professionals, it’s a great opportunity to sell work. It is definitely a great opportunity to show up for a super party, hang out, and chat up potential collectors. This is the crowd that helped rank Nashville the number two destination city nationwide for recent college graduates; the entrepreneur creative class.

Selected artists are invited to party as my guests. This means you get to hang out with me and the Poet in our loft, as well as attend the party. Our loft is your break room.

In two parts, there will be a happy hour from 4-6 with the art, of course, and a wine tasting. Then at 6, the party begins: Live music, food and a general good time! Altogether, this runs from 4-10 in the same amazing space.

If you want to submit your work early, you can. Email up to five JPG’s to:


Name your JPG’s with your first initial, last name, and image number. So for example, E_Hansen_1, E_Hansen_2, and so on. Your JPG’s should be no bigger than 750 KB.

Also please attach a brief (250 words) bio; also the sizes of your  pieces. Everything you enter needs to be wired and ready to hang. No glass please, and no sawtooth hangers. If your piece is something on canvas with a stretcher so we can hang it by the stretcher with a single nail, that’s OK; for you, wired to hang is optional.

And for questions about anything, email me:

The likely deadline for submissions will be Friday, January 23. Jurors TBA. I’ll be making all this official with an announcement around mid-December. Stay tuned!

Note to Vickery Eckhoff

9-DollyGiaAndSageHi Vickery:

I am an artist, and I  work towards public awareness of the SAFE Act. I have learned that when we frame the issue as animal rights versus rancher’s rights, we lose every time. But when we frame the issue as public health versus rancher’s rights, we win sometimes, maybe even most of the time. So I am steering all my work in that direction.

In late 2012, I had begun a series of 21st century cave drawings called Blood Rescue to explore our relationship to the horse, from the beginnings at Lascaux and Chauvet through now; and how it has changed over 30,000 years. Right in the middle of that, the EU horsemeat scandal broke and the SAFE act was introduced into Congress.

You see, the major occupational hazard for artists, we fall in love with our models; and I had fallen in love with these 22 horse rescues. In an instant, February of 2013, I became an equine rescue advocate.

Now Blood Rescue has taken on a whole new meaning. It opens this November at the Customs House Museum in Clarkesville, TN, 22 pieces, as the anchor exhibition for a museum wide event called Season of the Equus. 32,000 square feet of art museum space will be devoted entirely to equine art. This will be the largest art museum exhibition of its kind in recent memory. I am using it to promote the SAFE act.

Maybe it’s because I’m an artist, but I believe that a powerful visual experience can change minds, move hearts, and cause people like me to get involved.

Well, this is a long story, but Vickery; doing what you do… I think you understand the depth of my support for you efforts. Please let me know what I can do to encourage and publicize your efforts. I have a pretty large and growing audience for my weekly blog posts. Let me know.


Supporters, Believers, and Friends: Celebrate!

Supporters, Believers, and Friends: Thanks to you, Blood Rescue will anchor Season of the Equine, the largest museum exhibition of equine art in recent memory, four galleries in 32,000 square feet. This show opens at the Customs House Museum on Thursday, November 13.

In addition to my Blood Rescue project in the main gallery, there will be three more exhibitions: My Kingdom For A Horse, The Horse As Muse: Members of the American Acdemy of Equine Art, and Anthony Scarlati’s Rediscovering the Horse; plus more.

6-LatteEmperor_700WideHere’s the Museum contact information:

Customs House Museum
200 S. 2nd Street
Clarksville, TN 37040

And we do have some events planned!

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 13 from 5PM-7PM. I’ll be there to hang out and say hello to all of you who show up.

Gallery Talk: On Thursday, November 20th at 12 Noon, I will give a gallery talk at the Museum. You all are invited to that, it’s free.

National Day of the Horse: Saturday, December 13, from 10AM to 5PM. Congress established this national Day ten years ago to celebrate the horse’s contribution to building this nation. On this Saturday, the museum is open from 10-5. Stay tuned for more details about the celebration. But let me say, if any of you want to share a stretch limo ride up to Clarksville, I’m in; maybe dinner dutch afterwards in Nashville?

Closing Reception: On Sunday afternoon, January 4, 2015 I am planning a closing reception at the Museum. This will be a special time to celebrate the work that we’ve done to raise the public’s awareness, and to consider what’s next. Plan to show up and bring your ideas. Let’s talk.

Senator Tom Harkin and Representatives Rick Crawford and Fred Upton

Thanking You In Advance For Your Support

Dear Congressmen Harkin, Crawford and Upton:

Public service is hard work, and we who support the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act want to thank you for all that you do. We recognize you don’t have an easy job.SafeActBanner_500wide

The SAFE Act is an example. On the one hand there are many people who believe that we have an overpopulation of unwanted horses. Their solution is horse slaughter for human consumption, and there are business interests who want to create slaughter houses to do just that.

But there are compelling public health issues that weigh against horse slaughter. Studies show, and the FDA ruled, that unlike beef, horsemeat is dangerous because of all the veterinarian medications horses receive. The medication residues in horsemeat are dangerous for anyone, and catastrophic for nursing infants and unborn fetuses. I’m sure you know, the European Union horsemeat scandal broke in January of 2013, and it was a disaster. People unknowingly ate horse meat.

Within 90 days, the SAFE Act was introduced. It now has well over 200 cosponsors. We urge you to move this bill through your committee to the floor with a positive recommendation for a vote. We don’t want a European-style scandal here in the US.

Thanking you in advance for your support,

 Eric L Hansen and the Blood Rescue Team

Alice Wolff Colton

Angela Bacon-Kidwell

Angela Williams

Annie Mond

Arnold Klein

Bethany Kinsey

Beverley Hughes

Bill Henry

Bob Buchanan

Brett Henley

Calvin Ahlgren

Catherine Ritlaw

Cheryl Donnelly

Curry Glassell

Curse Practitioner

D.j. Lipscomb

Dale Rogers

Dr. David Bruner

Drude Clark

Dyann & michael Woody

Eli Latimerlo

Ewa Górniak Hamzi?

Franklin Privette

Graham Gerdeman

Gregory Fisher

Iron Gait Percherons

Jean Sanford McGee

Jennifer Haston

jess Bray

Jessica Bocangel

Joe Smith


Judy Chelli

Judy H. Klich

Julie Dhanani

Julie Grubaugh

Karen Hansen Downs

Karen Renee Robb

karen shepard

Kathleen S Merola

Kathy Plourde

Krassi Mira Garbett


kurt Bayless

Lesllie Bartlett

Libby Richardson

Lori A.Jones

Louis La Croix

Marianne Fazzina

Mary Claire Crow

Mary McElroy-Smith

Nancy Naslund

Nancy Watson

Pamela J. Clark

Reba Lemmons

Robert K. Johnston

Robin Wemmenlov

Sallie Mayne

Sandra Rollins

Shirley McGee

Stellasue Hansen

Stephanie Barton Grifin

Steve Christopher

Steve Turner

Susan Burnstine

Vicki Jett Terry

Billie Joe Mohler


9 Pieces Left

__1-Pocahontas1_600wideThe Kickstarter campaign I have going on right now is a unique opportunity to acquire some Blood Rescue equine art pieces. Any piece that will be in the museum show is available as a reward for support levels starting at $100 and up to $400 for the very large pieces; 40” X 60”. They are coming straight out of the show, so they are ready to hang. For anyone who wants to collect some of my work, these are good deals.

The only catch is that you have to pledge within the next 16 days; and I ship the piece to you when the show closes in January. Some have already been spoken for, so it would be good to take a look now. Thirteen of the original 22 are gone; there are 9 still available.

__15-New7thHorseMuchSmallerThere’s also a pledge that will let you select any piece you want in any size that you want for delivery at the end of next month. They cost a little more: From $550 for the 24×36 to $1175 for the 40×60. Even those prices are below market, but they illustrate what a really good deal is to be had pledging for pieces that will be in the show.

I make everything in very small editions, which adds to their value. For example, the 40” X 60” pieces are editioned at three; meaning, there 6-LatteEmperorwill only ever be three in the world. This adds to their potential after-sale value. I provide a letter of provenance with each piece setting forth its pedigree: What materials I used to make it, its particular number in the series, and a small thumbnail of the image. Of course I sign each letter, and I also emboss them with my seal so they are virtually impossible to counterfeit. These letters establish the authenticity of the piece you own. My work is collectible.

If you like, go here to see what’s available. If you have any questions, email me at Or, I’d be glad to speak with you by phone.

Great Question!

Can Blood Rescue help save horses and get the SAFE Act passed?

The short answer is yes go here to support with your $5. Or, read on…

Simple fact: There are almost 450 horse rescue ranches with a total occupancy of 18,000 horses, and we still turn away 12,000 more annually; there are 205 Congressional sponsors of the Safe Guard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act; and there are 314 million Americans. Almost none of them have ever heard of SAFE.

Here’s the point: There aren’t enough of just us to fix this. We must reach outside our world to all those people who’ve never seen the inside of a paddock.

Blood Rescue is a socio-political body of work aimed straight at the rest of those 314 million people who’ve never heard of SAFE. It’s a powerful visual message: Slaughtering horses is wrong. Putting contaminated meat products in our food chain is wrong. Let’s be SAFE! Through social media, more than half a million people have already seen this message. And the exhibition hasn’t even opened yet.

__Blood-Rescue-Banner-Role-300WideThere’s more: As part of this Kickstarter project, I will present copies of the Blood Rescue Banner Roll to five Congressional representatives. One copy each will go to Senator Mary Landrieu and Representative Patrick Meehan who sponsored the bill in Congress. Three more copies will go, one each to the chairs of the House Committees where the bill is now. I have already contacted them by mail at their home district offices with copies to their local press to let them know what we are planning to do. With enough funding, I will travel to their districts and present the banners to them in person, with press coverage. This will all happen at the end of October, just before Election Day November 4. With more funding, I’ll bring a video guy to record everything, and trust me; it’ll be on YouTube.

How many of those 314 million Americans can we reach with these events? I can’t count that high. All you need to pledge is $5… Go here!